Collection of hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans is known as a beard.  Some men grow beard because of religious backgrounds, customs and traditions. The beard increases the personality, confidence and also gives a cool look. It was found out that men with beards are more attractive than men with no beards. Maintaining a beard is also not easy you have to shampoo your beard, moisture your face, get adequate sleep and rest, you have to get a balanced diet, and you must trim it right. Beards are not just cool, they are healthy also. Researchers have found that are lots of benefits of having a beard, they are explained below.

One of the main advantage of having a beard is it prevents skin cancer and skin related diseases. Beards block unhealthy Ultra Violet rays that touch the skin. Exposure to Ultra Violet rays can cause skin cancer and skin related diseases. So if you have a big thick beard, it will provide better protection again skin cancer. Beards also reduce Asthma conditions and allergy conditions. Diseases such as asthma or dust allergies are prevented by beards. Beards acts as a barrier between your body and toxic exposures. Furthermore beards acts as an additional filter before toxins enter your lungs. Beards prevent lung diseases too.

Beard act as a filter and prevent the allergens from settling in your skin. Furthermore beards can ward off throat diseases as well. They can stop entering bacteria and other harmful germs to your mouth preventing throat related diseases. Beards help to live young and look young too. It was found that beards help to live young because of the less exposure of the skin to the sun light. You skin has delicate cells which could be destroys due to sunlight. Beards protect your skin from extreme cold and warmth. Beards make you look older, but actually keep you looking younger. Beards will help to battle cold as well. Most of the men grow beards during winter season.

Beards reduce infections. Beards reduce bacterial infections, ingrowths and folliculitis. Beards also provided you with a blemish free skin. Razor cuts, pimples do not occur when you have a beard. When you got a beard, you do not want to worry about dry skin. Beard helps to keep the skin moist and healthy. The facial hair keeps warm air in and cold air our, helping the skin to maintain moisture in the skin.


And also not shaving can saves you time, money and energy. One of the benefit of growing a beard is you can stop shaving. Shaving often could damage your skin. The cuts which may cause due to razors could get infections. Most men are attractive with a beard. It was found that most of the women likes men with beards. And it was found that beard provides more maturity, more personality and also more confidence to men. As you can see growing a beard have lots of advantages.

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  • December 09, 2016
  • Yusaf Imran

Its skin related diseases NOT Skill related diseases correction. The uploader needs to re read the articles he publishes on here

  • December 12, 2016
  • Admin - Elegance Beard

Ah ah thank you bro! I have corrected the sentence :)