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Bearded men sport a larger than life look that gives their personality a charming maturity, a classic intellectual appeal and of course, that dark hunkiness that causes the girls to flip over with delight. But what really completes a larger than life personality?

Oh, I know! A timeless and classic masterpiece of a watch!

Here, take a look at some of the best picks of the season:

1.  Rolex Daytona Ref. 6263 Oyster Albino

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With a hefty price tag of $4 million, the Daytona 6263 Oyster Albino has emerged as the classiest and most expensive Rolex ever made. Its flawless stainless steel case is simply flawless and exactly on-point to amplify the debonair of your dark bearded appeal with its unique design. This timeless piece is a rarity, and you’re highly unlikely to come across one unless an old buyer wants to sell. You see, they only create four pieces of this exquisite delight.

2.  WeWood Kappa Nut Watch

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For our vegan bearded hunks, WeWood presents a delightfully stylish and super functional eco-wood collection, and the Kappa Nut is without doubt an undeniable master piece. This insanely charming watch can be bought in a variation of hues, such as light brown to dark chocolate.

Its dark appeal is perfect to complement your thick beard and mature aura, while its multi-functional Miyota movement will allow you to read the time, date, days of the week and military hours. It has a classic round case measuring 46mm, and it’s insanely cool bezel makes it a classy accessory to sport on your wrist. It’s an extremely durable pick for men who are outdoorsy and adventurous.

3.  Hublot Big Bang

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Bearded men who like to flaunt some sparkle, and have $5 million waiting in their bank accounts, wasting away just like that, this diamond Hublot watch is just what you need to invest in. It has around 1280 diamonds, and all of them are no less than three carats each. This glamorous watch will blend right in your larger than life bearded aura, and amplify the luxury that is exuded by your style statement.

4.  Louis Moinet Meteoris

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At $4.6 Million, this extremely rare delight would look immensely charming on the wrist of a dark and hunky bearded fella wearing crisp black suit. These stunningly crafted delights have been made with moon rock, and Meterois only created four of these beauties, so if you can afford the price tag, why not place a custom-made order at Meterois?

5.  Uwood Wood Watch

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Bearded who spend a lot of time doing water activities, be it scuba diving, underwater swimming or skiing, tend to shy away from investing in watches because they’re too afraid of that accidental splash that will ruin a million dollar investment. But this amazing delight from Uwood is about to change all that.

It is a handmade creation that was made with 100% organic sandalwood, and it’s truly a masterpiece when it comes to craftsmanship and modern accents.

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