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Would You Forgive Your Son’s Killer?

Imagine losing your son after he is stabbed by an attacker. What would you do two years after knowing the person who did it? Would you seek revenge, ask for life imprisonment or would you just forgive and forget? Well, am sure no one would choose the latter other than Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmoud.

Dr. Abdul-Munim Sombat Jitmoud decided to blame the devil who led Trey Relford to kill his son Jitmoud. This was an act of forgiveness that led the Jury hearing the case to shed tears and called for a recess probably because he never expected that. The jury had just sentenced Relford, a 22-year-old drug addict to a 31 years imprisonment that would see him come out of prison in 2048. In his forgiveness speech, Dr. Abdul Jitmoud said that importance of forgiveness is driven by the fact that it is the greatest gift of charity in his faith Islam.

Jitmoud Practiced What He Preaches

Jitmoud can be described as a man who practices what he preaches since he is said to be an Islam teacher. The teachings of Islam advocate for forgiveness as the best act of charity and therefore for one Jitmoud, he just showcased what forgiveness really should be. With all the pain of losing a son, this is not what would be expected from many parents. Although we mostly teach our children to forgive, no one would forgive a person who stubbed your only son to death. Leave alone whether it was accidental or intentional, this is not what would be expected of many people in this world.



Probably This Will Be a Turnaround for Relford

Relford is accused of murder, and this sentence would be a hard lesson for him. After forgiveness, he should just come to his senses and live a good life. His mother described him as a child who had a great childhood, and he lost his senses after he got into drug abuse. Relford's mother was equally shocked by the forgiveness speech just like everyone else in the courtroom.

Relford apologized for what happened and probably in his mind there was a lot of regretting since killing someone is not just simple for a human person. However, he must have come to his senses since the forgiveness was the least he would expect from Jitmoud. He is heard describing Jitmoud as a powerful man who says unbelievable words to a man who had hurt him like he had done.

Relford and Jitmoud hugged in front of the court and to anyone reading this story, this scene would be imaginable and not real. But this is true, and it happened in front of the jury. This shows how peaceful Jitmoud is and is not only a lesson to the people in court, but to the people around the world. Instead of people seeking revenge, forgiveness and coming together would just heal the situation.

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