Muhammad al-Idrisi was a well known Muslim geographer as well as a renowned cartographer and an Egyptologist who lived in the city of Palermo at the court of Roger II – the king. He was born in Ceuta in 1100 and lived until 1165.

Early Life

Muhammad was born in Ceuta. This is the city in which his great-grandfather had been already forced to settle in. This happened after the victory of Ziridis over the Hummudid Malaga. Muhammad actually spent quite a lot of time traveling through the lands of North Africa. He seemed to have acquired a considerable amount of information about the region. He also visited Anatolia when he was only 16 years old. He got his educational preparation in Cordoba.

Life’s Work

 Now, Muhammad al-Idrisi is mainly known for the Tabula Rogeriana. This is a map which was drawn by al-Idrisi back in 1154. IT was designated for King Roger II of Sicily – the Norman ruler. Muhammad stayed for a total of 18 years at his court. This particular map is definitely a considerable creation. It had legends which were written in Arabic. It shows the overall Eurasian continent, but it only depicts the most northern parts of the continent of Africa.

Muhammad Al-Idrisi, Tabula Rogeriana, Sicily, 1154 [inverted to place north at the top.

The map was specially inscribed for the king, and it was placed on a massive disk made out entirely out of solid silver. The disk was two meters in hid diameter and is without a doubt a significant possession.

In any case, Idrisi is known for being particularly influential throughout the years. A lot of contemporary scientists occupied in the field of geography and cartography claim that his achievements were absolutely astounding and they are even of high authority up to this date which is definitely impressive. This is the reason for which he is one of the most accomplished scientists.

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