Can you introduce yourself?

Peter Gould:  Hi there! My name is Peter Gould. I’m a busy dad with 3 kids and run a design team based in Sydney & Dubai. I’m involved in creative projects through my startup Zileej



How long have you had your beard?

Peter Gould:  I had it even before I became Muslim around the age of 20, and I’m 36 now. I don't have a very strong beard philosophy but since returning from Hajj last month, I’ve grown the beard longer, and it’s shaved to around 4 now.   

Have you ever faced any negativity, discrimination or odd comments in regards to your beard?

Peter Gould:  Not really. I’m just another guy with a beard. I have family members with life-long beards.  That said, since Hajj I’ve had a lot more conversations with people about hair, beards and styles. Shaving my hair resulted in more random people asking why – and so I’ve been explaining pilgrimage to those interested. It’s another small wisdom of Hajj I didn’t expect – how my hairstyle change would lead to discussions around faith. 

How do you care for your beard? Do you have a daily or weekly routine? Do you go to a barbershop?   

Peter Gould:  I have a great barber near my Sydney studio, I love going there. It’s the type of place where you can always count on some random bro sharing a story that makes you laugh. In Dubai, you have these super elite pro barbers who are like beard wizards. At home, I don’t do much but use the Elegance oil and comb to keep things under control! Thank you.


How important is fashion in your life?  

Peter Gould:  It’s important to present well and I appreciate people who make effort as part of their personal creative expression. I don’t invest a huge amount of time into my own fashion choices but always like a splash of vibrant colour. 

Is there anything else you would like to share with our bearded audience?

Peter Gould:  Enjoy the beard journey!  



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  • October 19, 2018
  • Elegance Beard
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