With hope to promote apian benefits, an egyptian man beekeeper, Mohamed Hagras 31 years old grow a beard with a differnce!

With a box housing queen’s hormones strapped to his chin, the 31-year old is growing a ‘beard of bees’.

With this experience Mohamed proves that honeybees are docile!  

After being an engineer, Mohammad started a new job, completly different! Beekeeper which is also for him a lovely activity! He says that this action is an effort to educate Egyptians on the usefulness of bees.

As mentionned before, it is also to show that the honey-producing insects are not aggressive.

“I was a petroleum engineer but I started moving towards beekeeping after developing a hobby but then I fell in love with the activity, vigour and organization behind beekeeping. This is a message to people that it does not matter to work in your specialization. You can work in any specialization that you love. The most important thing is to be productive and specialise in that field,” said Hagras.

Although this stunt is not for the faint hearted, Hagras takes precautions for the bees not to sting — and die.

“Of course there are some procedures to take when you enter a hive. First thing I have to be wearing appropriate clothing to protect myself from the stinging of bees. Also this is for the protection of the bees because a bee that stings dies and I do not want to kill the bees. There has to be full protection like the overalls of the mask and even gloves when it the work is more difficult,’‘ he said.

"One the contrary, they are helpful and produce things that help humans and agriculture."



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