Man turned down for a delivery driver job because of beard

David Hanger - Picture credits: BBC

48-year old David Hanger was on Tuesday 30th January 2018 reportedly turned down for a delivery driver job because of his beard. The Derbyshire native had earlier on narrated his experience to a company representative who then encouraged him to apply for the job since he seemed like the perfect candidate for the position, but he had to shave off his beard to be considered for the job.

UPS’ company guidelines dictate that the company drivers ought to be cleanly shaven.

“It is shocking that a global company such as UPS would choose to adopt such a policy,” remarked Mr. Hanger. He further added, “my beard is part of my personality, and it massively boosts my confidence.”

According to the 48-year-old, it is not clear why a delivery driver needs to have a clean-shaven beard. David sees this as discrimination and he is of the opinion that his job description does not warrant a clean-shaven beard. The 48-year-old man does not see how it would be offensive to a customer.

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“Perhaps if I was working in the medical or catering industry then I can understand why such a policy would be adopted. This situation is different since I am only required to deliver parcels to individuals and businesses. I don’t see how my appearance would be offensive to the customer,” commented the 48-year-old man from Ilkeston.

According to an expert on employment law from Fraser Brown solicitors, UPS has every right to implement the policy. “Nothing that prevents the company from implementing a no-beard policy,” remarked Maz Dannourah from the firm.

The company through its spokesman stated that its drivers were the company’s ambassadors and should, therefore, act like so. The guidelines are presented to all beard applicants who aim at working in a customer interaction capacity at the company.

Unfortunately this is not the first time that UPS discriminated a bearded man! In 2016, Allan Stokell from Toronto was also banned because of his beard.

Allan Stokell says he applied for a job at UPS and was told he would have to shave the beard he's had for 50 years if he wanted to work there.  (STEVE RUSSELL / TORONTO STAR) - Picture credits

Stokell said in a interview:

“Although not as serious as some (violations), I don’t believe large multi-national corporations should be able to get away with this,” Stokell, who is 68, said. “I’ve had a beard since I was 18 and I identify as being a bearded person.

“It’s something I live by, I’m very proud of my beard and I’m not really interested in shaving it off.”

Two years ago a petition against UPS called "Allow UPS employees to have beards" was also launched and got 9,269 supporters!

"Many United Parcel Service drivers desire to have a beard, but it is strictly against the dress code because those in leadership positions at UPS believe that beards may be offensive to the public. Times have changed since the guidelines against facial hair were established. It's the 21st century and it's time for a change in the dress code!"

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