Children are unpredictable and a game between a father and his daughter came close to turn to drama when he surprised her with a shave. 

In the video below, Bradley Bailey and his daughter are seen playing Peekaboo together. He covers his face with a towel and takes it off to make his daughter laugh. 

The father then interrupts the game for a moment, promising to return soon. The little girl doesn't know that her father went to shave off his beard to surprise her. 

On his return, he hides his head directly under the towel to pick up the game where they left off and mom who immortalizes the moment invites the girl to see what hides the piece of cloth. Gently and visibly a bit suspicious, she raises the towel and there is the drama!

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  • October 19, 2016
  • Fatima

So cute!! Mash Allah :)