Coffee Lover's Beard Care Kit ☕️

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 Kit includes: 1) 1oz Natural Coffee Blend Beard Oil 2) 2oz Natural Coffee Blend Beard Balm 3) Wooden Beard Comb This Beard Care Kit is made for every coffee lover out there that wants to grow a strong, soft and manly beard while staying true to their love for coffee. Each kit includes our wooden beard comb that's sturdy but portable for...

COVID KEY - THE CONTACT FREE KEY (with “Lost & Found Service”)

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Keep your hands and beard free of germs by using our new Elegance Beard Touch Aid! Nowadays, specialy during the COVID19 pandemic, it can be quite scary touching objects not knowing who has touched them before you. Well, with our new Touch Aid, you can put those worries aside! With the contactless key, you can push buttons (i.e. in elevators,...

Elegance Beard Hair Catcher


Beard Hair Catcher - Keep Your Sink Clean and Wife Happy! You can finally keep your bathroom sink clean when you trim your beard! All you have to do is attach the suction cups onto your bathroom mirror and cover your sink with the new Elegance Beard Mat. After grooming, the non-stick surface allows hair to slide off easily into the trash. No more...

Handmade Wooden Beard Comb

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Our wooden beard comb  helps to distribute both natural skin oils, beard oil and beard balm products to better nourish, hydrate and stimulate growth.  Made of pear wood. 

Horn Beard Comb With Handle

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 Express your masculinity with a touch of finesse by giving yourself the ultimate beard grooming treatment with our Premium Quality Beard Comb made from unique natural Halal horn. Our Premium Quality Beard Comb is 100% handmade in Senegal and is cleverly designed with absolute detail towards giving you an enhanced beard maintenance regime centered around stimulating your hair follicles ensuring...

The Ultimate Beard Care Kit

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This kit includes everything to take care of your beard! - 1 Wooden beard comb - 1 Vegan & Halal Beard brush (without boar bristles) - 1 all Natural Beard Balm - 1 all Natural Beard Oil