Mostafa Salameh, a Scottish-Jordanian Muslim mountaineer and motivational speaker was recently on top of Mount  (the highest mountain in Africa)with our Beard Balm & Comb!

He is the first Muslim ever to ski the full route to South Pole!

Mr Salameh has also previously climbed Everest, reached the peaks of the seven highest mountains on each of the continents, and made it to the North Pole.

Mustafa Salameh with our Beard Care kit on top of the Kilimanjaro Mount!

Mostafa: "Prepare mentally: it is going to be a really long ski - around 60 days - I need to be in a good shape, full of energy, eat well, and have stuff to keep me occupied such as books, and communication equipment." Image: Mostafa, the Seven Summits summiteer.
courtesy Mostafa Salameh, SOURCE

Mostafa Salameh with King Abdullah II (Photo credit: Jordan Times)

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