Our products are now available in Australia at Eco Ummah .

Don't wait and go get your Elegance Beard products at  Eco Ummah :)

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What is Eco Ummah?

We are a small business located in Sydney, Australia that wants to make it easy to make better choices for you, the environment and to help others in need worldwide. We believe the best way to heal the body inside and out is with nature. 

Eco Ummah's mission is to source the globe and focus on delivering you high quality products which are;

All Natural


Support Fair Trade

Products that support Social Enterprises

By shopping here you help Eco Ummah to donate 5% of proceeds from all purchases to charity and support products that directly benefit developing countries. Check our News section for updates on which Charities we will be supporting.

#Give Change Make Change

Eco Ummah is a product of our beliefs and thirst for change:

A love for natural products, beautifully designed goods with

a deep desire to make the world a better place for all.

#givechange #makechange

Sharing Is Caring

Eco Ummah will source the globe for innovative goods to bring you products that stem from a Social Enterprise and utilise the market to deliver sustainable social outcomes.

Giving Back

Five percent of Eco Ummah’s revenue is donated to people in need worldwide. With each purchase from Eco Ummah, you can feel good knowing that you are contributing in bettering another person's life. As we grow together, we can make a bigger, more positive impact on the planet.

 Eco Conscious

We believe in caring for our environment and in the preservation of a clean ecosystem for all. As a result, we will be making every effort to reduce our environmental footprint.



Improve and protect the health of the environment. eco-friendly.


Community - bringing people together.

Social Enterprise

An organisation that applies commercial strategies to maximise improvements in human and environmental well-being or just great goods from/for people that need a little help in life.



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