Subhi Taha Tested Our Beard Products!

Thank you brother Subhi for the shout-out :)  Subhi Taha appeared in the article "6 Male Fashion Bloggers To Look Out For" written by Latifa Saber and published on Mvslim. Brother Subhi has also launched his clothing line "SUBHITAHA" : my new favorite thing fam 😭 all-natural, halal beard balm. i don't have a full on beard but it really soothes the skin...



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Un égyptien se laisse pousser une "Barbe d'abeilles"

Mohamed Hagras, un ingénieur-apiculteur égyptien, âgé de 31 ans, a décidé de se laisser « pousser » une barbe d’abeilles ! Pour réaliser cet exploit, l’homme de 31 ans a placé sous son menton une boîte contenant les hormones de la reine, pour attirer les abeilles. Selon lui, ce geste sert à éduquer les Égyptiens sur l'utilité des abeilles et...

Egyptian Man Grows "Beard of Bees''

With hope to promote apian benefits, an egyptian man beekeeper, Mohamed Hagras 31 years old grow a beard with a differnce! With a box housing queen’s hormones strapped to his chin, the 31-year old is growing a ‘beard of bees’. With this experience Mohamed proves that honeybees are docile!   After being an engineer, Mohammad started a new job, completly different! Beekeeper which is...

Peter Gould Tested Our Beard Products!

Thank you brother Peter for the shout-out :)   Thanks @elegance_beard - will try this soon :) Une photo publiée par Peter Gould (@petergouldart) le 27 Nov. 2016 à 16h04 PST

Mistah Islah (Corner Shop Show) Tested Our Beard Products

Mistah Islah the director of the series "Mandem On The Wall" and the "Corner Shop Show" has recently tested and made a shoutout of our products on his Instagram. Had these bad boys to set me up for my day! Oud by @amelgouk & beard oil by @elegance_beard Une photo publiée par MISTAH ISLAH (@mistahislah) le 2 Déc. 2016 à 8h29...

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  • November 11, 2016
  • Elegance Beard

Elegance Beard Products Are Now Available on Modern Wall Art!

Good News! Our products are now available on Modern Wall Art! They provide amazing Islamic art! Modern Wall Art is a family operated business located in Chicago IL. Convert anything from paper to stainless steel or wood. They have been successfully designing 3D decor and making stainless steel art and furniture for over 10 years.  You can visit their website by...