Our beard products are back in stock at Modah: Canada's Largest Islamic Lifestyle Store

Our products are back in store at Modah store located in Mississauga (Toronto - GTA). Don't wait and go get your Elegance Beard products at Modah :) Address: 5120 Dixie Rd #12, Mississauga, ON L4W 4J7 Canada Phone: (905) 232-0990  

Beard Products - The Ideal Eid Gift for Men - Eid Discount

 Assalamalaykum! For Eid 2016, we're pleased to offer you a 15% off coupon! Take this opportunity to buy our Halal Beard Care Products for Eid! Our products are the ideal gift for your husband, father, brothers... We also added a new innovative product available here! A Halal and vegan beard brush, without boar bristles! So if you growing that Sunnah Beard make...

Elegance Beard In Mecca!

This picture has been taken by one of our customer while he was in Makkah :)

Elegance Beard Brush: An Alternative To Boar Bristles Brush

Many people don't know but 99% of the beard brushes are made with boar bristles! So for vegans or Muslims who consider board bristles as impure, we have THE solution for you! Our beard brush made with high-quality nylon bristles is actually the best alternative to Boar bristles brushes. Our Vegan and Halal friendly beard brush is now available here. Here is a picture...

Elegance Beard élu e-boutique du week-end par al-Kanz!

Nous sommes fier et honoré d'avoir été élu e-boutique du week-end par le célèbre blog al-Kanz! L'article ci-dessous est également disponible ici sur le blog d'Al-kanz. La e-boutique du week-end : Elegance Beard, du soin et de l’artisanal pour votre barbe Par Al-Kanz Découverte 86. La e-boutique de ce week-end nous emmène au Canada où nous y trouverons des soins...

Elegance Beard Recommended by Muslim Matters (The Ultimate Muslim Men’s Guide to Grooming)

Al hamdullilah! It is an honour for us to have our beard balm recommended by brother Omar Usman and Muslim Matters. Our beard balm is mentionned in the article "The Ultimate Muslim Men’s Guide to Grooming".   The article is available here.

  • November 18, 2015
  • Elegance Beard

Al Kanz recommande nos produits pour barbe! Elegance Beard recommended by Al Kanz

 Al hamdullilah! Nous sommes honorés de faire parti des 13 boutiques recommandées par al Kanz, proposant des produits pour le soin de la barbe. Notre nom figure dorénavant dans l'article "Soins pour barbe : 13 boutiques en ligne pour un bon poil". En deuxième position! pas mal non? :) Vous pouvez consulter l'article en cliquant ici.      ...